Couture Black PebbleINTRODUCING:

Six exquisite collections of one of a kind matboard.

Add a unique luxury product line for your discerning customers that also features Crescent’s premium RagMat® core and backing, for maximum conservation and art protection.

Incorporate hand-finished and artisan surfaces that make every framing design unique.

Put the “custom” back in “custom framing!”

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Couture Swatches

RagMat Museum Got Supersized

New Select Fabrics

Crescent Select

New Select Fabrics

New stylish and elegant fabrics and textures designed to complement today’s most popular artwork styles. Our Select Fabrics collection now features over 60 items!

Add the look of luxury fabrics with a contemporary twist to your custom framing.

Shimmer Linens add just a touch of shimmer to traditional linens to bring contemporary elegance to any framing design.

Luster Parchments give elegance a modern spin adding subtle texture.

Classic Linens feature finely woven fabrics, now in more colors and sizes.

Vintage Linens give your framing designs a rustic yet refined texture that parallels well with today’s fresh vintage looks.